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About Us

Today, the BAC Local 8 of Illinois represents some of the most highly skilled trowel trades craftworkers including stone, marble and cement masons, pointers/cleaners/caulkers, tile setters, bricklayers (refractory and stone masons) and terrazzo workers.

The use of masonry in building designs dates back thousands of years.  The masonry and allied craftworkers trade has experienced significant innovations over the past 20 years. Major trends impacting the industry include the use of robotics or material unit lift enhancers (the MULE), prefabricated masonry and modular construction units, more sustainable green and energy efficient materials, and improved safety procedures through continuous training.

Local 8 of Illinois represents masonry and allied craftworkers in 65 counties in Illinois. Explore our website and learn more about opportunities in the masonry and allied craftworkers industry. Join us and build projects that make history. Build your career with us.