There are currently 64 Apprentices enrolled in our program.

1st year Bricklayers – 17    2nd year Bricklayers – 17   3rd year Bricklayers – 11

1st year PCC – 5   2nd year PCC – 5    3rd year PCC - 3

1st year Tile – 2    2nd year Tile – 2     

Refractory – 2

Local 8 Apprenticeship is always looking for new ways to recruit apprentices. The JATC has partnered with the Belleville school district for the school to work program. This program allows high school students to attend school part time and work for a signatory contractor part time. This program is gaining traction in Belleville, and we working to implement this program with other school districts in Local 8. We currently have 1 apprentice in the program.


When School District 201 announced their plans on opening The Center for Academic and Vocational Excellence, otherwise known as the CAVE, Local 8 began soliciting a chance to implement a masonry curriculum into the program.  After numerous meetings with the 201 staff, Mason Contractors and Local 8, the “School to Work” program was created.  

How the program in general works.  The students must meet the requirements set by the School District and be accepted into the program.  Once in the program they will attend construction classes, which involve masonry applications.  Toward the end of their Junior year, they can interview for the School to Work Program.  After the interviews are completed, the student will receive offers from the employers/unions to begin the apprenticeship.  Once the student has made their choice they will go to work after the school year is over. During this time the student/apprentice will earn 50% of the Journeyperson wage. The student returns for their Senior year and will attend class in the morning and report to the job in the afternoon. Currently, we have 1 student enrolled and working for a contractor, with more candidates moving through the interview process to begin this summer. Local 8 staff will continue implementing this program thought out our 65 counties. 

We are always looking to have retirees come and help support the local and help at the school to work program and career days. If you’re interested in helping, please contact the office or your field rep.

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